Each size of container is designed for the safe collection and containment of Chemotherapy and Trace Chemotherapy waste.  The EPA defines “Trace” Chemotherapy Waste as containing no more than 3% of the original contents, by weight.

Each Container Offers:

  • FDA 510(k) certification
  • Class II Medical Device Registration
  • Temporary and Final Closure
  • Integrated cart systems allows a Hands-Free collection process
  • Side Handles for safe transport
  • Hermetically  sealed lid for tamper proof final closure
  • Comprehensive labeling for end user safety and compliance
  • DOT PG II Rated, ASTM F-2132-01 & OSHA compliant

Common Uses of the Chemotherapy Waste Containers:

  • Gloves, Gowns, and PPE
  • Empty & Partially empty vials and/or I.V.’s
  • Large sized waste
  • Secondary Sharps Containment
  • Expired Drugs & Aborted Doses
  • Material used to clean a Chemotherapy Spill
  • Recommended final disposal – Incineration
  • No Hands
  • DOT
  • Non-Reusable 2
  • ASTM
  • OSHA
  • FDA 510(k)

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